Monday, 28 July 2014

Tips in Purchasing the Right Residential Property

Interested parties who are looking at purchasing a new home need to take into account a property’s availability, affordability, and suitability to the needs of the prospective buyer in order to make the best possible investment. The ideal house would be a piece of estate that offers a good balance between these three characteristics.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Just what is it About Chestermere that Folks Love?

Talk to the folks who live in Chestermere and it won’t take long to realize that the lot of them really love the place. Ask some more, and just like the people who live here, you’ll find there are a variety of answers why.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Benefits of Choosing Homes for Sale in Chestermere

The town of Chestermere serves as a sanctuary for many families looking for an escape from the frantic pace of city living. With walkable neighborhoods and lush green parks, the town is poised to become the recreation and relaxation haven of Alberta. Here are some reasons why you should pick Chestermere as the location of your dream home:

Monday, 23 June 2014

Guide to Determining the Market Value of Chestermere Homes for Sale

The most important thing in determining the market value of your home is your agent's knowledge of that market. As agents that live and work in the Chestermere, Langdon area we have actually been in the homes that have sold and we know how they compare to your home.  We know if listed Chestermere homes for sale are immaculate with many upgrades or if they were former grow ops, and even if they were rental properties or a one-owner home.  Do they back onto a beautiful green space that has just been re-zoned as a bike park?  What is the value of being on a pond versus a green space with high-tension lines?  Choose the wrong comparable and your house is either too high and won't sell or you are leaving money on the table.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Chestermere Real Estate Guide on Subject to the Buyer's Home Selling

Basically it is a legal document that says when we sell our house we will buy yours. Now this does not go on for an indefinite period of time, and there are conditions that they must fulfill, they have to list it almost immediately on MLS, they must specify the price that they will market their home for and which realtor and real estate brokerage they will list it with. There is a definite time frame that you both must agree to as to how long you will let them try to sell their Chestermere real estate property.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Houses for Sale in Chestermere Expected to Weather Correction Worries

The market of local houses for sale in Chestermere, for example, are expected to continue to thrive, especially because it is conveniently located near the commercial center, Calgary. This proximity easily makes the town a very attractive location for both local and foreign immigrants who will flock into Calgary looking for jobs and homes. This is clearly a very good opportunity for Chestermere residents and property owners that are currently selling or are planning to sell houses.

People planning to put up Chestermere homes for sale would benefit in getting a licensed broker to help them sell their property in the least amount of time, and for the best possible price. Accredited selling representatives will do everything to make home sellers comfortable and confident on their decision to put their property on the market.

Monday, 16 June 2014

A Lakefront Retreat Outside Busy Calgary

The town of Chestermere is well-known for its 2.65-sq. km. lake, which plays host to an array of water sports and other activities. Living close to a watering hole is a treat in itself. Add the various amenities in town and you have a place to retreat to after a hard day's work in nearby Calgary. If the lake's location seems too convenient, it’s probably because it had been carefully selected by those who created this water reservoir.

Chestermere Lake was built in the early 1900s to provide irrigation to farms and ranches around the area. Today, it still serves that original purpose, although the area it covers has shrunk in size. However, the lake makes for a good recreational spot, particularly to the approximately 15,000 residents of the mostly privately-owned land in the town of Chestermere.

Find your Perfect Chestermere Real Estate through Reliable Brokers

Chestermere real estate brokers can definitely help homebuyers take advantage of this situation to get the best deals in the housing market.

Apart from that, brokers and agents make use of MLS in Chestermere and surrounding areas to establish contractual offers of compensation, facilitate cooperation with other broker participants, accumulate and disseminate information to enable appraisals, and make sure that there is orderly correlation of information. This tool makes it easier to match property sellers with potential buyers.

Monday, 26 May 2014

Top Reasons Why You Should Move to Chestermere

Are you planning to move into the beautiful region of Alberta? If so, the town of Chestermere would be perfect for your dream home. Here are the five reasons why you should move to Chestermere:

The Economy

Recent statistics show that Alberta’s economy is thriving, and Chestermere is an active contributor. Local businesses (that are not taxed for business licence, by the way), the heath care scene, and real estate sales are all making the quality of life better.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Factors that Affect the Value of Chestermere Real Estate

As of May 12, 2014, nearly 30 percent of real estate in Calgary had been sold above their listing price. This trend was mostly a result of local land development, and a shortage of properties for sale in the province. Though the situation is likely to change in the near future, it’s nonetheless amazing to see how these two factors, current events and inventory, can turn the Chestermere real estate industry into a seller’s market in just a span of weeks.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Start Living the Quiet Life in a Chestermere Home

Chestermere is a quiet, lakeside town that is fast becoming the prime choice for many home buyers interested in living in the Calgary area. Located right next to the city itself, this formerly sleepy town has withstood many transformations in the last twenty years. This change has spurred population growth over the years. With only less than a thousand people in the early 90s, the town’s population has surged to 16,000 residents today.

What is attracting all of these people to this Alberta town? For one, it’s just ten miles from downtown Calgary. It’s a convenient route for commute and, at the same time, if you want to have a great place to retreat from the fast-paced city life, Chestermere is the place to be. Additionally, the town has all the conveniences of any revitalized and gentrified place, with public amenities and several public and private schools and churches of multiple denominations.

The biggest attraction for the townspeople, though, is the lake itself. Lake Chestermere was transformed to become the hub for multiple watersports, such as wakeboard and waterskiing. It has even established an active sailing community, centered around the bustling Calgary Yacht Club. Boating in the summer months is a popular pastime, while ice-fishing is the sport in the winter months.

For anyone looking into buying a home in the Calgary area, Chestermere should be your first stop. The town provides the quiet life of suburban living, while being accessible to the faster-paced city life of Calgary.

Working with Realtors: Common Myths

Realtors are the type of professionals with many stories to tell. There are many perceptions out there about how they operate or how real estate investments really work. Here are some of the more common myths associated with the industry and the agents themselves.
Myth 1: The best agent to call is the one who has the most listings.
The effectiveness of calling an agent with the most property listings can vary depending on how diligent your agent is. It boils down with the agent’s professional attitude. Even with a long list and impressive array of selections, an agent may not feel like working hard enough to deal with individual buyers. He or she may be slow to answer calls, or may not find time enough to be take you to sites and, instead, will pair you with an inexperienced junior realtor.
Myth 2: Agents will tell you anything just to sell.
Not all agents are hardcore salespeople who make off-the chart claims just to make a sale. Making false statements about a sale is against the law; if proven guilty, real estate agents can be stripped of their real estate license.
Myth 3: You have to know a lot about real estate before investing.
Most people back out of investing in a home because they doubt their ability to understand the process of buying their dream home. You don’t have to be experts before the fact; realtors exist to serve as your guide, so make sure you get ahold of an experienced agent before purchasing.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Buying Waterfront Real Estate as an Investment

If there is a “perfect time” to start investing in real estate, right now would be that time. Real estate prices have been soaring in many of the nation’s hottest markets. The best part is that many economic analysts predict that the real estate industry is in no danger of seeing its bubble burst.

Right now, you may be tempted to buy a condo in the city. However, purchasing waterfront real estate in places like Chestermere may be an equally profitable investment. You can easily rent out your new property as a vacation home to people who want to spend a few days at the lake. If business is slow, you can use the property for yourself.

Chestermere, in particular, is a fantastic place to look for waterfront real estate since there are several communities surrounding the lake. It is only 5 miles away from Calgary, making it a convenient place to visit for would-be vacationers. At the same time, the location makes it easy for you to drive to your property in case you need to inspect the home for any signs of damage.

The best part is that waterfront real estate will always be a hot commodity. This means that you can easily resell the property for a profit, assuming you keep the home well-maintained. If you are able to rent out the home often and sell it after several years, you can stand to gain a massive profit from one property!

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Moving into Your New Home

So, you’ve finally closed a deal on a new single-family house somewhere in Chestermere, AB. Your preferred realtor showed you some attractive listings and you saw one of them as a place you’d love to live in. Financing, check; closing costs, check; landed a job in the area, check! All that remains is to move in with your loved ones and your belongings. Pretty simple, eh? Not quite.
Since the house is formally yours, security is paramount and you can start by changing the locks on all doors and keeping the master keys. Plan a general cleaning well before the big move-in; there’s always a possibility that the previous owner did not exactly clean up before they left. Plan the color codes for each room and acquire the paint and equipment you need so you can get to work right away.
Use the opportunity to fully check the house with a real-estate inspector to make sure all systems are in order. A remodeling and HVAC contractor will be in the cards if some inconsistencies were noted during the initial negotiations; your realtor can recommend some in the area. The heating and cooling system should be fully ready.
Moving into a new home is not exactly rocket science. When you factor in the benefits of starting over, knowing how to make yourselves comfortable in the house helps you get ready for the new life you’ll be living inside your new abode.